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Necronomicon Script 8
is a complete program based on the client mIRC
constantly evolving.
Its unique feature is customizable
to make any function of the client
with advanced features that complement
a script suitable for all major IRC servers.
Optimized versions of Windows 8, Windows 10.
Necronomicon 8 is 100% customizable

necronomicon 8

Dialog window
applying images or background
colors, styles, transparency, effect or Glow Aero
windows and controls resizable
Snap windows to the desktop
Includes mIRC GUI 8 and other features
including the ability to choose the icons
of mIRC and try Icon
Changing the controls such as buttons
Functions Funny, colorful messages, emoicons
customizable fun chatting
Security video query
Youtube Manager
Channel protection, personal, antitake, shield
Advanced media player
Translate simultaneous in all languages
translates into channel, in the query and in clipboard
Text Effect, anim EMO .gif events
offers customizable animated
Update System
Commands popup advanced Quakenet, Undernet, Dalnet
System Info (Upload, Download, memory)
Download Manager
Save your favorite theme so infinite
Auto-identification system for all net
Away System and much more...

toolbar vxd
toolbar vxd

marcatore vxd
Necronomicon 8
Necronomicon 3

Necronomicon 3
Necronomicon 3
Necronomicon 3
Necronomicon 8
xmenu dcx xpopup
Necronomicon 8
Necronomicon 8
Necronomicon 3
Necronomicon 8
Necronomicon 8

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